Rugeley power station becoming site for homes powered by renewable energy

Rugeley Power Station is a coal-fired power station located in Staffordshire, UK. It is an electric power station commissioned on 1970, providing an output of 1,000 megawatts and 400 kilovolts that connects on the Grids of UK. The power station powers almost half a million homes in the country. This big power station is really an asset in the early progress of UK. Coal plants are very rampant in the early decades as a source of electrical power. As time goes by, coal cost, maintenance, manpower, and other problems arise.

Coal plants produce a massive amount of smoke or carbon that seriously damaging the atmosphere and also brings health problems to those working on the plant and those living near them. Due to these environmental issues and also economic competencies, coal plants are starting to be decommissioned from service all over the world. What will happen on this 139-hectare wide plant if demolished? Based on different bids that have been discussed, one of which stands out. Anyone wouldn’t expect that Rugeley power station becoming a site for homes powered by renewable energy. Engie, a multinational electric company, and a joint company owner stated that instead of selling the power plant outside, they will make it a well-sustained village, with solar PV battery storage cost UK levels

They are planning to transform the big plant into a sustainable village having renewable energy like solar energy to power every home. They would be building up to 2,000 houses having batteries inside and solar panels atop that can charge and store power into the batteries. To cope up with those atmospheric issues it has given off during its operation, they wanted to have something that can help the Earth. Giving them enough profits and lessens the pollution; the project mentioned is very conventional one and will likely go on its course. To state facts, here are some we should review first.

Population continues to grow and the Earth continues to suffer. The atmosphere is becoming thinner, absorbing too much heat and light energy coming from the sun. As the population grows, demand for home and power continues to rise. By demolishing the power plant, we lessen our source of power and forcing us to look into alternative power source pointing to the use of solar energy. Solar energy will be very useful and environment-friendly source of energy. We can lessen pollution that the atmosphere continues to suffer from.

To store solar energy, batteries are a necessary tool in the process. According to studies, in the next 20 years, solar power demand will go up to £450 billion worth of income which will be an estimate for solar panels and battery manufacturers to generate from said duration. Before, battery contents are also harmful in the environment forcing companies to innovate and compete for one another in providing affordable, long lasting, larger storage capacity, and environment-friendly batteries, made even better by the fact solar PV battery storage cost UK options are better each year.

Engie’s proposal to make the decommissioned Rugeley power station becoming a site for homes powered by renewable energy is the best among all options. It will address the need of homeless families out there. It also helps the Earth to become more resourceful, safer, and comfortable world for people to live. Yes, it may result in a grid power loss and can hurt some benefactors along the way, but it will encourage the people to look for more other renewable energy sources that can help the planet. With this in mind, we can do more to promote the protection and environmental awareness for the new generations to come.