Key Considerations to Design a Driveway

While it is fantastic to have the inside of your home just right, it is often equally important to make sure all of the external elements also look the part. One of the areas which is often overlooked, but can actually make a striking visual difference, is your driveway. Choosing a driveway that suits both the practical and aesthetic needs of your home is a key task for any homeowner who wants to add appeal to their home.

As we’ve travelled around, we make note of lots of different property elements, but whether it’s decking in Leeds, windows in Bristol, or Wirral driveways, there are a range of different design features that catch our eye. We’ll cover the other features at a different time, but for now, let’s focus on driveways, and the key things to consider as you go about designing the exact driveway you require.

  • Dimensions: This is a key consideration for any home as the first step in your design. While the look of the driveway is key, you will also want to consider the size and shape, taking into account issues like the number of cars you want to park on it, whether you want any grass lawn at the side, and whether you’d consider an extension at any point.
  • Materials: Once you’ve decided on the dimensions, the next step is to make sure you choose exactly the right materials for your home. You’ll want to find a balance between quality, durability, price and visual appeal, hopefully getting a fair amount of all four for your ideal driveway! Whether you want redbrick, sandstone or paving slabs, you’ll want to choose the one that suits you best. It may be that you need an exact colour to fit with your home, or that you want to consider a surface that suits children as they play, or just that you have a personal favourite.
  • Builders: Selecting the right company to lay your driveway is also key. Of course, every builder will claim to be an expert in driveways if you’re offering them potential business, but you’ll want to dig a little deeper than that. Ask them for specific examples of driveways they’ve worked on; you can even go as far as asking to see examples of the exact type of surfacing you want to use. If they’ve not worked with that one before, it’s no an immediate red flag, but if they can’t show you any examples of driveways they’ve produced, or are being evasive on price, they’re big warning signs.

We hope those tips have been useful and that you find your ideal driveway option in the near future.