Fife Council accused of cutting down trees at children’s home

Pressure is mounting on the fife council with charges starting to be filled after the council decided to chop off the trees in Kirkcaldy, at the site of its children homes, ignoring recommendations of services such as a bs5837 tree survey.

An in-depth examination of the cruel act performed by the council took a new stand as the local council assured the parties affected that it had started the investigations concerning the whole issue. A sample of important trees to the environment were cut down at the scene. These included sycamore trees that were mature and maple trees.

Furthermore, quite a variety of beech trees were also cut down by the council an incident that occurred at Raith Gates.

In Raith Drive, a structure that will be a home for teenagers who require attention, that is to be taken care of is in the process of being set up. In addition to it, four other houses that are not attached to this home and short time harbour house for people are also among the projects that are ongoing at the very same dramatic site.

Among those interviewed to give comments about the issue was an elderly person named Duncan McKendrick, who is a resident of that area. He gave his views basing on the majority of the peoples opinions saying that many people were heartbroken when they saw the tress that that acted as a shield for them being brought down.

He further said that most people disliked the action taken by the council who they believe that it does things that best suits their interests. Looking at the whole situation, he said that the council would have taken strict measures if the same thing were to be done to them.

Investigation concerning the allegations that the council staff had cut trees without being allowed legally were the words uttered by the council.

The development and management lead officer, Mr Derek Simpson also had his thoughts aired out. He said that a research was ongoing concerning the allegations.

Nevertheless, Simpson argued that there existed a plan of such kind but it was only to be done according to the law, that is the planning permission that they were to be granted first.He therefore said that further comments will be made after the whole matter is looked into.

Initially, the cleared site provided space for the Raith Gates care home. The site was cleared to pave way for the building of new infrastructure that would take the place of Rimbleton House that was located in Glenrothes.

According to the research report that was organized by the council, many trees were in a stable state amounting to 60%.

They grouped tress into either good or poor state classifying 12 of them as good and 11 of them as poor. Those trees that were named poor showed features which revealed they can cause some destruction.

Out of a total of 58 trees that were examined, 25 were of sycamore variety. In general , 13 types of trees were researched and recorded. Additionally maple, wild cherry and beech were also studied.