How Advantageous Can Territory Management Be To Your Sales Team?

Many organizations are struggling to keep their system stable and make every aspect of it collaborate smoothly. If this is your situation right now, you might want to consider getting a sales territory mapping software.

Here are some of the advantages if you were to implement the software into your organization.

Increases sales and reduce cost with sales territories and enhance coverage

The main task of any sales group is to make the best us of the time that salespeople usually spend in selling and at the same time ensuring that they are selling the products to the perfect customers. When territories are aligned, they result into balanced sales personnel workloads, thus providing them with greater potential in earning, career satisfaction and improved morale.

With higher motivation, it will generate more sales and even lower the staff turnover. Territory mapping also offers capabilities for route optimization wherein it can reduce the travel costs, enhance fuel efficiency and even increase the customers that the sales teams working in the fields serve in their own territory.

Measure the performance through analytics and reporting

When the data for sales territory is visualized with the use of the mapping software, you will be greeted with a number of analytical tools that you can take advantage of. This also includes various options for performance reporting.

The mapping software will also enable data plotting on the map to get aggregated in a consolidated view of its performance. It is possible to filter and segment data, isolating the sales below or above the specific value.

Users can also overlay the geographic and demographic data in order to define the insights within your market. Every member of the sales team can generate reports and then analyze it within their own territories. Then they can measure the current performance against targets and quotas. These generated reports can be shared easily with managers and colleagues.

Data visualization

You can identify any hidden insights easily since the data report is shown through visualization. Also known as data visualization, it will enable you to visualize and optimize quickly the data from the spreadsheets and CRM reports.

With the interactive map, it gives you room to discover various hidden patterns and insights that are not possible with spreadsheets like under or over served territories. As you see a territory with a variety of perspectives, it gives you the option to look at the bigger picture and even its detail.

One example of this software is that you get to zoom in to see the greater detail of the data based on the various market characteristics you see like the assigned sales professionals or the customer types. You can also find external factors that are influencing the performance of the sales team in your organization.

Delegating work

You can delegate the work necessary in the organization through hierarchies. It will give you more flexibility over the collaboration, delegation, and data visibility between teams and managers. Every member of your sales department, starting from the sales representative to the regional manager, can make you see quickly and manage the territory that they are responsible for.